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Cheers To World Health Care Infrastructures!

World Health Care Infrastructures (WHCI) builds international opportunities that engage and educate. The mission is to teach HIV/AIDS awareness, to build healthy communities, and empower individuals to take control of their health.

It has been my honor to get to know this team, to document this vital work, and to tell WHCI’s story. I have spent so much of that time in their offices, talking with volunteers and clients, watching the staff in super hero action mode. All day I am immersed in cross conversations in Spanish, English or French. Clients are in and out for medical services, informational resources, and some stop by just to say hello. I catch moments of camaraderie among friends attending support groups, while strategic planning meetings for an intervention in Chile take place down the hall.

The work here never, ever stops because it is inspired by the bigger world that never stops needing. This team also never stops dreaming of bigger things to come.

The spirit, hopefulness and deep expertise of the team is brought together in this video created to express how their mission grew from a hardworking local effort into an international venture.

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Cheers to WHCI's future,

Suzy Nelson

Enki Rebels Product Owner

Suzy Nelson is a Product Owner and Business Analyst at Enki Rebels. She has over ten years of experience working with nonprofits, startups, customer experience, and healthcare organizations. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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