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Partnership with the Mexican Consulate in Philadelphia

Updated: May 18, 2023

The relationship between WHCI/TPAC and the Mexican consulate in Philadelphia culminated this week through the signature of a contract between Carlos Obrados, the Mexican Consul, and Deja Lynn Alvarez, deputy director at WHCI/TPAC.

The non profit organization now provides, through the consulate, diverse services to the Mexican comunities living in Philadelphia: from testing for sexually transmitted infections to legal and counseling services. WHCI/TPAC and the Mexican consulate are comitted to bring the necessary services to those who need them most.

The non profit staff, depicted on the second picture, are all of mexican descent and work providind the services mentioned above. From left to right: Gerardo Coronado (Mexican Consulate staff), Bernard Bushdid, Deja Lynn Alvarez, Carlos Obrador (Mexican Consul), Miguel Rodriguez, and Adolfo Gonzalez. Historically, the event represents the work that Mexicans of diverse backgrounds, as for example LGBT, provide to immigrant Mexicans who are most in need.

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