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Victims of Crime event in Philadelphia

On Friday, 14 of April, staff members of WHCI/TPAC and Victim/Witness Services of South Philadelphia came together in an event held by the secondly mentioned organization. Various establishments involved in helping immigrants were present at the event, including WHCI/TPAC, which provides various services to victims of violence.

On the top image- Key workers who coordinate and make services available to immigrants who are victims of violence and abuse. Left to right: Esteban Calel (VWSSP), Lisa Klinman (VWSSP), Miguel Bacho (VWSSP), Bernard Bushdid (WHCI/TPAC) and Miguel Rodriguez (WHCI/TPAC).

On the second image- Alison Sprague (on the left), executive director at VWSSP, talking about gun violence in the United States, and about the normalization of school shootings.

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