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The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium (TPAC) 
World Health Care Infrastructures (WHCI)


Our services


Food Program

​In response to COVID-19 outbreak, we offer the following:

  • Emergency food program

  • Food voucher programme

  • Food Patron

 Clothing Bank

We collect second-hand clothes and other clothing items for men, women and children. Two closets are located in central Philadelphia. 

  • 112 North Board Street 5th Floor

  • 2127 North 6th Street

Interpretation Services & Trainings

We offer language interpretation services and certified trainings for interpreters and providers in the following languages: 

  • Spanish 

  • French

  • German 

  • Mandarin

  • Cantonese

  • Luganda

  • Swahili

  • Hindi

  • Marathi

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We conduct trainings on the following topics in English or Spanish: 

  • Become a Popular Opinion Leader


  • Syndrome of Chronic & Multiple Stress

  • Technical Assistance for Strategic Planning

  • Boundaries, Ethics, & Confidentiality

  • Sexual Violence & HIV

  • Domestic Violence

  • Tuberculosis & STI's

  • Hepatitis C & Syphilis

  • HIV/AIDS 101

  • Sexual Diversity

  • Resiliency Level 1

  • Mental Health 

  • HIV TALC Training

  • Drug & Confidentiality


In-house legal support

In collaboration with the University of Florida and the Legal Clinic for the Disabled,

we provide medical legal support for our participants, medical power of attorney, including

  • leaving wills  

  • immigration related services 

  • U-visa 

  • VAWA 

  • Stay of removal (601A) family/ marriage evaluations 

  • T-visa 

  • Asylum 

  • Humanitarian (e.g. LGBTQIA) 

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We outreach and engage with individuals by adopting one of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) POL Behavioral modification models of intervention - Popular Opinion Leader (POL). 

A trained POL will encourage healthy attitudes and behavioral norms in the community and raise community's awareness about the following:

  • the connections between HIV

  • mental health

  • domestic violence

  • alcohol and substance abuse 

  • COVID-19 


Our local anD international programs

Since 1989, TPAC has proactively met the challenges of ensuring the provision of holistic health and social services to those in need, and secured the resources necessary to support those services. In addition to direct health services, we provide local, regional and international (d.b.a. World Health Care Infrastructures) leadership training, capacity building, technical assistance, and program coordination to community-based service organizations. TPAC is a leader in certification trainings for:


  • HIV/HEP C and STI’s counselors and the use of multiple rapid testing diagnostics

  • Language interpretation

Our programs have impacted communities in Philadelphia, other counties and all over the worldOur work is inspired by the community and people's needs. We use a combination of health interventions, along with custom built tools. 

Our projects are unique and effective. We aim to build crucial bridges with national and international organizations. Our programs are customized to each community to cater for different needs, expected time frames and preferred schedules. 

Need a tailor made program for your community? 

Our Programs
local partners

Our Local Partners

Internatioal partners

Our International Partners

Thank you to all of our donors

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