Empowering people to manage their own health care

Chile, South America

Young adults are becoming social influencers for a life saving cause...to combat Chile's 19% increase of new HIV cases of individuals from approximately 5,816 in 2017 to approximately 6,948 at the close of 2018. Our initiative trains young people to prevent HIV among their peers. Twenty newly trained young people learned how to use the power of educated conversation combined with rapid testing technology to engage their peers, loved ones and neighbors

This is an intramural grant from the Pontifica Universidad Catolica Santiago in collaboration with Temple and Drexel University


This is our newest class of practiced Popular Opinion Leaders (POL). This model, built on the trust of friendships and connection of people, works in all types of communities.


Our mission identified fifteen students from different careers who are recognized as leaders trained in HIV prevention, mental health, violence, and the consumption of drugs.

This approach has never been done before in Chile. WHCI's collaboration with Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile has been nurtured since the first program in 2006. Read about our feature!

Due to this innovative prevention strategy, the Chilean national newspaper, El Mercurio, also featured this work in the Science section. 

World Health Care Infrastructures

Here's an insider peek at the cutting edge presentations from national and international key stakeholders in the health and government community in Chile.

WHCI recognizes how vital it is for top leaders to come and share their work. WHCI organized this opportunity.

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