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The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium (TPAC) 
World Health Care Infrastructures (WHCI)

Medical Care

WHCI offers general medical services and HIV-specific care, testing, and support groups

We are committed to providing care to all who need it. Our office is staffed with Doctor David Agosto, a nurse practitioner and Dr. Helena Kwakwa, the director of Infectious Diseases of Philadelphia Department of Public Health.  


We provide medical care for the people who are underinsured or without insurance, people with HIV/AIDS, and immigrants. 


  • Medication through Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program (SPBP)

  • Case Management team supports with SPBP applications

  • PEP & PrEP treatment 

  • HIV Care 

  • Behavioral Health Consultation

  • Mental Health Counselling sessions

  • Trans Care & Trans Support Group, a collaboration with JFK Medical Center,
    funded by Community Behavioral Health

Dr. David Agosto


  • Nurse practitioner

  • Provides medical services in the office on Saturdays

  • Provides HIV/AIDS services to individuals who are under-insured
    and uninsured

  • Provide general medical practice for immigrants and LGBTQIA communities

Dr. Helena Kwakwa

  • Director of Infectious Diseases of Philadelphia Department of Public Health

  • Medical Director of TPAC/WHCI

  • Leader in the area of treatment compliance and treatment adherence

  • Widely recognized HIV/AIDS specialist

  • Provides medical services at Strawberry Mansion Health Center (2840 Dauphin St) on Monday mornings and Health Center 4 (4400 Haverford Ave) onThursday mornings


Please ​contact the TPAC/WHCI office at 215-988-9970 to set up an appointment or learn more about our services. Hablamos español.

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